The best way to run your venue

Build and expand your network of Organizers, bartenders and security guards.

Use your resources efficiently

Easily manage the amount of drinks sold

Tips Transaction Report

Automated payment for bartenders

Multiple Venues

Seamlessly manage more than one venue within one platform with individual statistics in realtime

Vuuka has the answer for all business types.

We tailor to Nightclubs, Bars, Lifestyle membership clubs,
Independent Venues, Festivals and Event Centers.




Vuuka for Venues

It starts with automation, productive management, take control and
increase your return of investment.

Manage Organizers

From hiring to setting commission rates, use this platform to control every decision-making process without leaving your chair.

Minimize fraudulent entries

Strenghten your entry with Vuuka scanner, take control of the door and verify legitimate purchases.

Access Control

Give access to staffs and contractors such as managers, Organizers, bartenders and security guards to perform their duties.

No accounting experience - no worries

Manage your transactions, payments and payouts to ensure every night runs smoothly.

Limitless Organizers

Hire, negotiate, approve or decline deals and bring on board the hottest Organizers for your next event.

No more reliance on third parties

Manual process out and automation in. Have full control of your events, sales, security and payments.

Advertise with Vuuka

Spotlight on Vuuka app to gain exposure and boost tickets or table sales.

Free 30 days trial

No need to pay for licenses, yearly contracts and hidden fees.

You ever get frustrated with someone breathing on the back of your neck while your ordering drinks at a crowded bar? We’ve been there.

That’s why you can order drinks through Vuuka app hassle-free. Order your drinks from a distance, avoid getting squished and pick it up when it’s ready. That was easy, right?

Eliminate bar lines with easy drink ordering through Vuuka. Time spent waiting in line can be spent with friends.

It’s always that one friend who waits until the last minute to order their tickets. It’s the day of the event, you’re getting ready and your friend calls. He says, “don’t get mad...” “the tickets are sold out, but I’ll order my ticket for another club and you can transfer there, all expense on me.”

Hey! You can’t get mad at that. Transfer with ease and still have a good time.

People change their minds last minute, right? Why not enable transfer in Vuuka Center?

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