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Vuuka is the new future. A real-time day/nightlife platform that is integrated with tools catering to nightclub, promoters and DJs. Party-goers use this platform to browse venues and events, view ratings, and make purchases. Vuuka facilitates the process of the partygoer buyer funnel from having interest, to learning and to finally completing a purchase and transfer.

In Los Angeles 2015, Vuuka started a development to build the best entertainment app to ease and perfect the safety of nightlife. Our mission is to provide a powerful social entertainment cloud platform that simplifies day/nightclubs and event management.

It’s is all about relationships, safety, luxury and experience for all users. Don’t worry, we got you. Enjoying and having a great time should never be a hassle. Plan with confident, Purchase day/nightclub tickets, events, table & bottle services from our app.

Join Vuuka to see what your social entertainment life has been missing.

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John Orija, Founder, Chairman and CEO

John’s career began in the technology industry as he maintained an active involvement in several entertainment organizations. He is responsible in transforming modernizing IT for several fortune 100 companies. He also founded several other companies; Dealtaps, Mednit, Shopbite, Bombshire, Schipy.

John acquired tons of Information technology experience, with a world-class portfolio under his belt. His go-getter mindset allows him to strive for success and growth with great leadership and customer satisfaction. He is also a public speaker in the tech industry and has close relationship with Microsoft, Cisco, Dell & Amazon.


Lara Orija, Chief Operating Officer

Lara joined the entertainment industry in 2016. With the love of music, Lara loves to create the behind the scene of many planned projects with Vuuka Inc. She specializes in processes, collaboration automations and strategies as well-being obsessed with innovating new ways for Vuuka Inc. Lara is also the founder of Shopbite Local store located in Los Angeles, CA.

With Vuuka, Lara believes that customers are the most valuable asset an organization can have. it’s not all about going to clubs or event, it’s about knowing what people wants and connecting with the people’s needs, ideals and user experience.