A Great Nightlife Experience

Powerful Entertainment Management Platform for Venues and Events

Outstanding Venue Benefits and Features

Build and expand your network of promoters, bartenders and security guards,
grow your club's foot-traffic and much more.

Manage Promoters & Organizers

From hiring to setting commission rates, use this platform to control every decision-making process without leaving your chair.

Minimize fraudulent entries

Have your venue security use the Vuuka scanner in app to verify legitimate purchases.


Connect with Promoters & Organizers

Negotiate deals and bring on board the hottest Promoter for your next event.



Advertise with Vuuka

Have your venue displayed on Vuuka app to gain exposure and boost tickets or table sales.


Analyze your business anywhere

Grab a coffee and run your business from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection and a laptop.

Free 30 days trial

No need to pay for a license, No yearly contract and no hidden fees. Tryout Vuuka free of charge, to see it potential benefits and features.

No more reliance on third parties

Manual process out and automation in. Have full control of your events, sales, security and payments.


Access Control

Give access to employees and contractors such as managers, promoters, bar tenders and security guards to perform their duties.

No accounting experience - no worries

We designed the system specially to manage your transactions, payments and payouts without the need of an accountant.

Run your Venue Anywhere

We'll show you how Vuuka can make your venues and staffs more operative!

Vuuka for Promoters & Organizers

Earn Money Stress-free

Promote your local Venues and get paid commission. Have partygoers enter your unique promoter code when checking out in Vuuka app. Experience or no experience, you can make money on your own schedule and terms. In addition, it’s free to start!

Why use Vuuka to promote

You don’t have to change your ways, Vuuka supports your valuable relationships with Venues and partygoers. The technology of directly connecting you to clubs, their events and partygoers which will allow you to focus more on spreading the word.

  • Know your cash flow anytime, anyplace
  • Work directly with nightclubs and negotiate terms
  • Plan your schedule and work. No unnecessary surprises
  • Manage your leads and keep track
  • Get paid securely and ontime
  • Promote on social media using Schipy for Free

Vuuka for Restaurants

A Modernized Fine-Dining at your finger tips

A powerful platform for restaurant reservation management, menu management and table management.

  • Advanced Reservation Management on Mobile App
  • Table Management for occupancy tracking
  • Indoor Billboard Advertisement
  • Smart Waitlist for your guest
  • POS Integration (Coming Soon)
  • Dashboard Analytic with Vuuka Center
  • Menu Management
  • Training & Support 24/7

Vuuka for Users

Planning your night out after a long week is now less annoying.
Stop wasting your free time on making the right plans!

Enjoy every moment.

Download Vuuka Today!.

Don’t let life pass you by. Start using Vuuka to purchase access to nightclubs and events

We partnered with Companies to protect our platform giving you 99.9% service level agreement for better trust and long-term relationship with no downtime and business continuity

Don’t take our word for granted - see what all this hype is about and understand why we are protecting you :)


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